Kaye Soft Sling Support, model SSS1

The Soft Sling Support is the newest accessory for the Kaye Posture Control Walkers. This support provides additional stability at the hips and pelvis, and helps to center a child within the walker. The Soft Sling Support surrounds the pelvis and attaches with four buckles to the sides and back of the walker. Easy to apply, the Soft Sling Support fits between the legs and surrounds the pelvis and buckles in back. While the Soft Sling Support assists children who have low tone or weakness in the legs and have a tendency to collapse while standing or walking, it is not intended as a seat.

Features and Specifications

  • Adjusts to fit 18” to 30” pelvic circumference (measure over clothing)
  • Fits models W1/2, W1 and W2 – all wheel configurations.
  • Machine washable, dry flat.
  • Latex Free
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