Silent Rear Wheels

Available as an option the walker models listed in the accompanying chart. Includes leg extensions. 5" diameter wheels with soft, rubber tread. Silent, internal, one-way bearings. Retrofits existing walkers. See the accompanying chart to select the correct model. Can be pre-installed on any 4-wheel walker. When ordering add "X" to the model number of the walker. (See photo on right.) Model Number Fits Walker Models RR1/2B W1/2B, W1/2BR,W1/2BS,W1/2BH, W1/2BHR,W1/2BHS RR1B W1B,W1BR,W1BS,W1BH,W1BHR,W1BHS RR2B W2B, W2BR, W2BS, R2B, R2BR, … [Read more...]

Kaye Soft Sling Support, model SSS1

The Soft Sling Support is the newest accessory for the Kaye Posture Control Walkers. This support provides additional stability at the hips and pelvis, and helps to center a child within the walker. The Soft Sling Support surrounds the pelvis and attaches with four buckles to the sides and back of the walker. Easy to apply, the Soft Sling Support fits between the legs and surrounds the pelvis and buckles in back. While the Soft Sling Support assists children who have low tone or weakness in the legs and have a tendency to collapse while standing or walking, it is not intended as a … [Read more...]

Forearm Supports

Forearm Supports for Posture Control Walker, Posture Rest Walkers-with seat, and Red Walker. For users who: need additional shoulder girdle support or cannot extend their arms and sustain grasp while taking weight on their arms. NEW AVAILABLE ACCESSORY: The Kaye Forearm Support Strap (FST) is a new accessory designed for use with Kaye Forearm Support Models FSS, FSM and FSA. The accompanying chart shows suggested pairings with various walker models. Features and Specifications Model Number Height from top of walker handle to top of forearm cushion Fits walker Models … [Read more...]

Kaye Rotational Handgrips

Some children with poor shoulder and arm stability can maintain their postural alignment if they are permitted to have slight inward rotation of the shoulder and pronation of the forearms. These handgrips often assist grip on the walker handles as forearm pronation facilitates flexion of the hand for gripping. Handgrips that rotate inward can be substituted for in-line handgrips on the PostureRest walkers, sizes 2, 3, and 4 with "H" frame. Addition of these handgrips reduces the width between the handgrips by approximately 2.75" inches. Order for specific size of walker. Example: … [Read more...]

Guide Handles

The guide handles attach to the rear of the smaller Kaye Posture Control Walkers that are listed in the chart below. Guide handles assist caregivers by allowing them to guide the walkers without their having to continuously bend over to grasp the walker. Assembly required. To choose the appropriate model, match the walker model number with the appropriate row in the accompanying chart. Walker Model # Guide Handle Model # Style W1/2B, W1/2BR, W1/2BS, W1/2BH, W1/2BHR, W1/2BHS, W1B, W1BR, W1BS, W1BH, W1BHR, W1BHS AB0 One U-Shaped Handle W2B, W2BR, W2BS AB2 One … [Read more...]

“All-Terrain” Wheels

Fit most Kaye Posture Control Walkers and PostureRest Walkers with seats, as listed in the accompanying chart. Include replacement legs with larger wheels to facilitate using walkers outdoors. Front wheels are 8" diameter and 1.25" wide. Rear wheels are 5" diameter and 1" wide. Rear wheels include external ratchets to prevent them from rolling backwards. Will add 1" to the overall height of the walker. Installation required. See the accompanying chart for model numbers and prices. Model Number Fits Walker Models W1BAC W1B, W1BH W2BAC R2B, … [Read more...]

Pelvic Stabilizers

Aid alignment and symmetry. Appropriate for users who have difficulty staying centered in walkers. Fit all current Kaye Posture Control Walkers, PostureRest Walkers and Red Walkers. Can combine with Extensor Assist Center Pads. To attach these to older walkers, you will have to drill two holes in the walkers. The instructions detail this procedure. Cushion height for all three models: 3.5". Cushion length for all three models: 5.75". See the accompanying chart for model numbers and sizes. Pelvic Stabilizer Model Width Between Cushions Combines with … [Read more...]

Kaye Swivel Limiters

The WSL-1 limits the amount that the swivel wheel can turn. The Kaye Swivel Limiters, model WSL-1 can be added to limit swivel travel on any Kaye Posture Control or PostureRest Walker with swivel wheels or any Kaye Anterior Chest Support Walker. Without the swivel limiter, the swivel wheels can swivel 360 degrees. Adding the WSL-1 limits the amount of swivel for users who cannot manage free swiveling. … [Read more...]

Adjustable Resistance One-Way Ratchet Rear Wheels

The Kaye adjustable resistance one-way ratchet rear wheels provide resistance to forward motion of the Kaye Posture Control, Posture Rest or Anterior Support walkers. These wheel kits can be retrofitted to all Kaye "B", "C", "H" or "Y" frame walkers. This accessory is particularly useful for children who have limited control of the speed of their walkers and have difficulty slowing their speed so that they can practice their best pattern for walking. The spring loaded resistance of each wheel is adjusted separately so they can offset the effects of asymmetry or weakness when walking. Order … [Read more...]

Kaye Suspension Harnesses

The Kaye Suspension Harnesses were designed and made to comfortably hold clients when they are suspended in the Kaye Suspension Walkers, Models SW1, SW7 and all Kaye Posture Control Walkers with Suspension Accessories, Models SC1, SC2, SC3 and SC4. Each harness is made of material that has a high compression element so that the body vest fits snuggly around the client and fastens with buckles. These harnesses have two distinct styles depending on the size and weight of the client. Models 9820-Small and 9821-Medium Slim, have three components: a body vest, 4 compression straps and four strap … [Read more...]

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