Kaye Large Posture Control Walkers

Walker Sizing Chart | Anterior Configuration Chart (pdf) 'C' Frame walkers are designed for large teenagers and adults who need the support and alignment provided by the posture control design. The walker can accommodate users up-to 250 lbs and over 6'2" tall. 'C' Frame Walkers can be ordered with or without a seat installed. If ordered without a seat, an Add-A-Seat can be easily installed later. The following accessories can also be ordered separate from the walker: Add-A-Seat Kaye Extensor Assist Belt Extensor Assist Center Pad Forearm Supports Pelvic Stabilizers Swivel … [Read more...]

Feeding Tray Overlay

Available for Kaye Products Kinder Chairs K1 and K2+T Requested by Therapists, Parents, and Teachers Nests directly over the existing K1/K2 tray No tools required Made of food service approved plastic Strong and lightweight one piece design Removes easily for quick cleaning … [Read more...]

Kaye Forearm Support Strap

The Kaye Forearm Support Strap (FST) is a new accessory designed for use with Kaye Forearm Support Models FSS, FSM and FSA. The Forearm Support Strap provides a soft and flexible fabric band to keep the user’s forearm in place on the forearm support pads. The Forearm Support Strap is made of soft neoprene, 17 inches long and 2 inches wide, with a Velcro hook strip at one end and a semi-circular plastic loop at the other end. The FST attaches to the underside of the FSS, FSM, or FSA using a ½” long Phillips head screw. There are multiple attachment locations on the Forearm Supports, … [Read more...]

Kaye Extensor Assist Belt

The Kaye Extensor Assist Belt assists with the maintenance of alignment between the user’s hips and feet while in a Kaye Walker/Gait Trainer. The belt can be easily adjusted and is opened and closed with buckles. The belt is made of durable nylon and will fit any size Kaye Walker/Gait Trainer equipped with an Extensor Assist Pad (EA2 or EA3). Attachment takes only seconds using a Phillips head screwdriver. Available NOW! … [Read more...]

5-Inch Ratchet Rear Wheels

Available as an option the walker models listed in the accompanying chart. Includes leg extensions 5" diameter solid rubber wheels Ratchet/pawl mechanism prevents walker from rolling backwards Retrofits existing walkers These are the same rear legs and wheels included in the All-Terrain Kits. See the accompanying chart to select the correct model.   Model Number Fits Walker Models W1BAR W1B, W1BR, W1BS, W1BH, W1BHR, W1BHS W2BAR W2B, W2BR, W2BS, R2B, R2BR, R2BS W3BAR W3B, W3BR, W3BS, R3B, R3BR, R3BS W4BAR W4B, W4BR, W4BS, R4B, R4BR, … [Read more...]

Kaye Adjustable Benches

Models S1A, S2A, S3A, S4A, S5A Therapists use benches in physical, occupational and speech therapy, particularly when the child needs a stable sitting surface to achieve maximum arm and hand movements for play, learning, and daily living activities. The Kaye Adjustable Benches are ideal for home, therapy, or school programs and for children who do not need back support in sitting but need a firm seat that can be adjusted so that the child's feet rest on the floor. The solid, stable construction makes the Kaye Adjustable Benches ideal for children learning to move from one level to … [Read more...]

2-Wheeled Walkers

Walker Sizing Chart | Anterior Configuration Chart (pdf) Provides extra drag for users who cannot manage a walker that rolls forward as they shift their weight forward. Two wheels in the front of walker. Two crutch tips in rear of walker. The image shows the W4B and the smaller W1/2B two-wheeled walkers. Designed to make walking less energy consuming, improve alignment and maximize potential for walking. Available in 6 sizes, fitting toddlers through adults. All walker models fold, for easier storage and transportation. Clinical Studies have demonstrated that posture … [Read more...]

4-Wheeled Walkers

Walker Sizing Chart | Anterior Configuration Chart (pdf) Allows users to roll the walkers forward as they shift their own weight forward. Helps improve cadence, velocity, energy use, and step and stride length. Equipped with one-way ratchet rear wheels, to help prevent the walker from rolling backwards and away from the user. Designed to make walking less energy consuming, improve alignment and maximize potential for walking. Available in 6 sizes, fitting toddlers through adults. All walker models fold, for easier storage and transportation. Clinical Studies have … [Read more...]

Kaye Suspension Walkers

Models SW1 & SW7 Supports the user fully weight-bearing or in partial weight-bearing posture for walking and uses a manually operated winch to help lift and lower the user and to vary the amount of weight placed on the user's legs. Please note that harnesses are sold separately. Includes swivel casters with directional locks, to facilitate use as a walker over open, level ground. Includes stationary brakes, to facilitate use over a treadmill. All models fold, to facilitate storage and transportation. Four harness sizes are available to fit infants through adults. Either … [Read more...]

Scoot-About, Model SB1

Designed as a mobile sitting and exercise device. Allows the users to exercise their legs by pushing or pulling with their legs in order to propel themselves. Can also be used as a mobile therapy stool. Padded seat: 16.5"W x 12.5"D Adjustable seat height: 8.5" to 16.5" Handgrips are 5" above seat 5" Swivel Casters Overall Width: 24" KAYE Optional Back Support, Model SBAO The new, adjustable, removable back support for the Kaye Scoot-About (Model SB-1) provides support at the pelvis for children when seated on the Scoot-About. The back and side supports adjust in height and … [Read more...]

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