Kaye Extensor Assist Belt

The Kaye Extensor Assist Belt assists with the maintenance of alignment between the user’s hips and feet while in a Kaye Walker/Gait Trainer. The belt can be easily adjusted and is opened and closed with buckles. The belt is made of durable nylon and will fit any size Kaye Walker/Gait Trainer equipped with an Extensor Assist Pad (EA2 or EA3). Attachment takes only seconds using a Phillips head screwdriver. Available NOW! … [Read more...]

Silent Rear Wheels

Available as an option the walker models listed in the accompanying chart. Includes leg extensions. 5" diameter wheels with soft, rubber tread. Silent, internal, one-way bearings. Retrofits existing walkers. See the accompanying chart to select the correct model. Can be pre-installed on any 4-wheel walker. When ordering add "X" to the model number of the walker. (See photo on right.) Model Number Fits Walker Models RR1/2B W1/2B, W1/2BR,W1/2BS,W1/2BH, W1/2BHR,W1/2BHS RR1B W1B,W1BR,W1BS,W1BH,W1BHR,W1BHS RR2B W2B, W2BR, W2BS, R2B, R2BR, … [Read more...]

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