Forearm Supports

FSS Forearm Supports, on W1/2BS Walker


Forearm Supports for Posture Control Walker, Posture Rest Walkers-with seat, and Red Walker.

For users who:

  • need additional shoulder girdle support
  • or cannot extend their arms and sustain grasp while taking weight on their arms.

NEW AVAILABLE ACCESSORY: The Kaye Forearm Support Strap (FST) is a new accessory designed for use with Kaye Forearm Support Models FSS, FSM and FSA.

The accompanying chart shows suggested pairings with various walker models.

Features and Specifications

Model Number Height from top of walker handle to top of forearm cushion Fits walker Models (All wheel configurations)
FSA 4″ to 7.75″ RF-A, RF-B
FSS 4″ to 7.75″ W1/2B, W1/2BH, W1BH, W2B, R2B, W3B, R3B
FSM 6.5″ to 10″ W4B, R4B, W5C, W5CH
FS2H 4″ to 7.5″ W2H
FS3H 6″ to 9″ W3H
FS4H 5″ to 9″ W4H


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