Guide Handles

Model ABO, on a model W1BS

AH2 on W2HS Walker

The guide handles attach to the rear of the smaller Kaye Posture Control Walkers that are listed in the chart below.

  • Guide handles assist caregivers by allowing them to guide the walkers without their having to continuously bend over to grasp the walker.
  • Assembly required.

To choose the appropriate model, match the walker model number with the appropriate row in the accompanying chart.

Walker Model # Guide Handle Model # Style
W1/2B, W1/2BR, W1/2BS, W1/2BH, W1/2BHR, W1/2BHS, W1B, W1BR, W1BS, W1BH, W1BHR, W1BHS AB0 One U-Shaped Handle
W2B, W2BR, W2BS AB2 One U-Shaped Handle
W3B, W3BR, W3BS AB3 One U-Shaped Handle
W2H, W2HR, W2HS AH2 Two Individual Handles
W3H, W3HR, W3HS AH3 Two Individual Handles
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