Kaye Suspension Conversion Kits

SC1 Suspension Conversion Kit attached to a W1/2BS walker.

These attach to existing B-series Kaye Posture Control Walkers and allow the walkers to function as “partial weight bearing” or suspension walkers.

  • Easily removable to allow the walkers to be used independently.
  • The walkers can fold with the suspension kits attached, to facilitate storage and transportation.
  • The narrower width of these units allows greater maneuverability indoors, but in order to fit over a treadmill, it will be necessary to place the walker on the Treadmill Width Adapter
  • Available in 4 sizes, for toddlers through smaller adults, as shown in the chart to the lower left.
  • Four harness sizes are available but sold separately. For harness details, refer to the chart to the lower right.
Model # Fits Kaye Posture Control Walker Models*** Weight Limit*
SC1 W1/2B, W1/2BR(X), W1/2BS(X), W1/2BH, W1/2BHR(X), W1/2BHS(X), W1B, W1BR(X), W1BS(X), W1BH, W1BHR(X), W1BHS(X) 60 lbs*
SC2 W2B, W2BR(X), W2BS(X) 85 lbs*
SC3 W3B, W3BR(X), W3BS(X) 130 lbs*
SC4 W4B, W4BR(X), W4BS(X) 180 lbs*

*The conversion kits and the harnesses have weight limits that differ. Neither weight limit should be exceeded.
*The conversion kits and the harnesses are priced and sold separately.
***While the conversion kits fit on the walkers listed in the chart, four-wheeled walkers with swivel front wheels (walkers that include an “S” in the model number), provide the greatest maneuverability.

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