Kaye T-Seats

TSL seats combine with Kaye Tilting Table

TSS seats 3 year old child


Models TSS & TSL

The Kaye T-Seats are based on the Kaye Adjustable Benches but are specifically designed to fit under the Kaye T-Tables. Like the wider benches, the T-Seats are adjustable in height and can be tilted to place more weight on the feet and provide a more vertical pelvis. These smaller seats are convenient for homes and schools.

Features and Specifications

Model Number User Weight Limit Height Adjusts Tilts Folds Seat Size Posture System
TSS 180 lbs (82kg) 7″ to 11″ Yes No 10.5″ to 12″ S1AO
TSL 180 lbs (82kg) 10.5″ to 17″ Yes No 14″ to 17.5″ S2AO, H2AO
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