Kaye Suspension Conversion Kits

These attach to existing B-series Kaye Posture Control Walkers and allow the walkers to function as "partial weight bearing" or suspension walkers. Easily removable to allow the walkers to be used independently. The walkers can fold with the suspension kits attached, to facilitate storage and transportation. The narrower width of these units allows greater maneuverability indoors, but in order to fit over a treadmill, it will be necessary to place the walker on the Treadmill Width Adapter Available in 4 sizes, for toddlers through smaller adults, as shown in the chart to the … [Read more...]

Kaye Add-A-Seat

The newest optional feature for the Kaye Posture Control Walkers is the Add-A-Seat. These seats can be added to the Kaye Posture Control Walkers with any wheel configuration. These seats retrofit any “B” or “C” frame walker, sizes 2-5. (Sizes 1/2 and 1 are already available with or without seats). Adding a seat provides a resting place for children and young adults who prefer the “B” or “C” frame walker style but still want a seat. These seats fold up for walking and down for sitting. Kaye Posture Control walkers fold for transportation and storage when Add-A-Seat is in place. W1/2S, … [Read more...]