Kaye Anterior Support Walkers

Anterior Support Walker, model Y3S

Designed for users who can support weight on their legs and take steps, but who lack the balance or body and shoulder control to use more traditional walkers. Specifically, these walkers were designed for users with severe spasticity, athetosis, or ataxia.

  • Available in 3 sizes.
  • Folds for storage and transportation.
  • Front wheels can swivel or can lock in the forward position.
  • Rear wheels are equipped with external ratchets, to prevent the walker from rolling backwards.
  • Handgrip adjusts fore and aft.
  • Width between side cushions adjusts.
  • Cushion angle adjusts.
  • Cushion height and overall height adjusts.

For specifics on sizes, prices, and model numbers, see the table below.

To determine the appropriate size, model number, and price, measure from the ground to the nipple-level of the user. Then match that distance with “Height to Top of Chest Cushion” column in the table below. Where either size is appropriate, the larger will allow for more growth.

Height to Top of Chest Cushion (Floor to nipple-level) Model Number
19″ – 26″ Y1S
22″ – 36″ Y2S
30″ – 47″ Y3S
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