Kaye Kinder and Classroom Chairs

The Kaye Kinder Chair is designed as an adjustable seat that can be used to help ensure the user is positioned properly while sitting. These are available in the following combinations: The K1 is designed as a stand-alone unit. The K2 is designed to be used at standard tables. K3 is available for older children.   Size Small High Large Model    K1 (low chair) K2 (high chair) K3 (large chair) Age/Size/Weight 1-7 years/ up to 48"/ 60 lb. (27 kg.) Same as Small 6-12 years/ up to 56 "/ 100 lb. (45 kg.) Seat depth Adjust … [Read more...]

Silent Rear Wheels

Available as an option the walker models listed in the accompanying chart. Includes leg extensions. 5" diameter wheels with soft, rubber tread. Silent, internal, one-way bearings. Retrofits existing walkers. See the accompanying chart to select the correct model. Can be pre-installed on any 4-wheel walker. When ordering add "X" to the model number of the walker. (See photo on right.) Model Number Fits Walker Models RR1/2B W1/2B, W1/2BR,W1/2BS,W1/2BH, W1/2BHR,W1/2BHS RR1B W1B,W1BR,W1BS,W1BH,W1BHR,W1BHS RR2B W2B, W2BR, W2BS, R2B, R2BR, … [Read more...]

Kaye Corner Chairs

These are for users who need support of the head, trunk, and pelvis in order to both develop an upright sitting posture and align the head and trunk. Two sizes are available, large and small. C4 & C5 Models Corner Chair without Casters, C4, C5 Corner Chair with Casters, C4C, C5C Each is highly adjustable and available with: Chair and base Tray Abductor Padded headrests Back cushion 2" belt Optional casters. Large Corner Chair, Model C5 For users 4-8 years, up to 58" tall Headrests adjust from 29" to 41" from base to top of headrests … [Read more...]

Treadmill Width Adapter

Model TWA1 Designed to permit users to place any Kaye Products Posture Walker with Suspension Accessory (models SC1,2,3) or Kaye Suspension Walkers (models SW1 or SW7) over a large variety of treadmills. Spans a treadmill width up to 36 1/2" Height adjusts for walking platforms up to 9 1/4" from the floor Adjustable height allows the partial body-weight bearing device to be supported close to the treadmill surface Overall length, axle to axle, of 42"   Accommodateslarge devices, including Kaye Products' largest weight-bearing walker, model SW7 Permits partial body … [Read more...]

Kaye Wide Posture Control Walkers

Walker Sizing Chart | Anterior Configuration Chart (pdf) These are wider/deeper versions of our larger "b-frame" or standard posture control walkers. Designed for users who wear leg braces and, as a result, need more room inside the walker. All walker models fold, for easier storage and transportation. Available in 3 sizes, fitting pre-adolescents to shorter adults. Available in 2-wheeled format. Available in 4-wheeled format. Available in swivel-wheeled format. Available with silent rear wheels. The following accessories can also be ordered separate from the … [Read more...]

Kaye Soft Sling Support, model SSS1

The Soft Sling Support is the newest accessory for the Kaye Posture Control Walkers. This support provides additional stability at the hips and pelvis, and helps to center a child within the walker. The Soft Sling Support surrounds the pelvis and attaches with four buckles to the sides and back of the walker. Easy to apply, the Soft Sling Support fits between the legs and surrounds the pelvis and buckles in back. While the Soft Sling Support assists children who have low tone or weakness in the legs and have a tendency to collapse while standing or walking, it is not intended as a … [Read more...]

Kaye Soft Sling Support, model SSS2

The Soft Sling Support is now available to fit larger clients! The Soft Sling Support is designed to provide additional stability at the hips and pelvis and to center the child in the walker. This product is particularly useful when a child might fall or collapse while building enduracne in weightbearing and walking. The SSS2 will accommodate users up to 150 lbs with a pelvic circumference of 30-40" and fits best on walkers sizes W3, W4 and W5. … [Read more...]

Forearm Supports

Forearm Supports for Posture Control Walker, Posture Rest Walkers-with seat, and Red Walker. For users who: need additional shoulder girdle support or cannot extend their arms and sustain grasp while taking weight on their arms. NEW AVAILABLE ACCESSORY: The Kaye Forearm Support Strap (FST) is a new accessory designed for use with Kaye Forearm Support Models FSS, FSM and FSA. The accompanying chart shows suggested pairings with various walker models. Features and Specifications Model Number Height from top of walker handle to top of forearm cushion Fits walker Models … [Read more...]

Kaye Red Walker

Models RF-A, RF-B The Kaye Red Walker is the newest Posture Control Walker with a family-friendly design to appeal to young walkers and their families. This walker functions like the Kaye Posture Control Walkers, supporting the child's alignment and placing the child's center of mass within the base of support of the walker for safety and balance. Both sizes have swivel front wheels, which can be locked for straight ahead tracking, and one way ratchet rear wheels. Accessories for this walker include forearm supports, pelvic stabilizer, swivel limiters, Kaye Extensor Assist Belt, and soft … [Read more...]

Small Vertical Stander

Model VS1 Designed as positioning aids for users who do not have adequate balance to stand independently and who need lower body support to attain alignment while standing. For users 18 months to 9 years Height from footrest to top of pelvic support 8" to 30.5" Pelvic Stabilizer: Inside depth adjusts 3.5" to 8.5" Inside width adjusts 5" to 11.75" Swings open for access to stander Base width: 20" Retractable base to fit against counters Base length when fully extended: 29.25" Removable, height-adjustable knee cushion: 5"H x 14"W Removable, … [Read more...]

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