Kaye Posture System

H2AO with high back mounted on a TSL bench

S1AO added to S1A Bench

Models S1AO, S2AO, H2AO

The Kaye Posture System, models S1AO, S2AO, and H2AO can be added to the Kaye Benches and Kaye T-Seats to provide additional stability in sitting. The Posture System consists of two components that can be used separately or together, depending on the postural requirements of the child.

The Pelvic Support Component adjusts the seat depth so that the length of the thigh is supported on the seat surface. The adjustable height of the posterior support maintains the pelvis in a vertical position and the adjustable lateral pelvic supports minimize asymmetry of the trunk.

The Femoral Stabilizer Component, with its built-in abductor, combines with the pelvic support to prevent both posterior tilt of the pelvis as well as rotation or obliquity of the pelvis. The femoral stabilizer component also stabilizes the hips and thighs in neutral alignment.

Features and Specifications

Model: (benches, seats) S1AO: (S1A, TSS) S2AO: (S2A, TSL, S5A) H2AO: (S2A, TSL, S5A)
Adjustable Seat Depth 5″ to 10.5″ 7″ to 10″ 7″ to 10″
Back Dimensions 9″ W x 5″ H 9″ W x 5″ H 14″ W x 14″ H
Side Cushions 4″ x 4″ 4″ x 4″ 4″ x 4″
Width between side supports 5″ to 11″ 5″ to 11″ 7″ to 15″
Knee pads 4″ W x 7″ H 4″ W x 7″ H 4″ W x 7″ H
Abductor 3″ wide 3″ wide 3″ wide
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