Swivel-Wheeled Walkers

Walker Sizing Chart

W2BS walker

  • Four wheels with front swiveling wheels.
  • Swivel wheels can be locked in the forward-only direction.
  • Allows the user to turn without having to lift and reposition the walker.
  • Amount of swivel can be limited by adding Kaye Swivel Limiters (see option).

The WSL-1 limits the amount that the swivel wheel can turn.

The Kaye Swivel Limiters, model WSL-1 can be added to limit swivel travel on any Kaye Posture Control or PostureRest Walker with swivel wheels or any Kaye Anterior Chest Support Walker. Without the swivel limiter, the swivel wheels can swivel 360 degrees. Adding the WSL-1 limits the amount of swivel for users who cannot manage free swiveling.

Designed to make walking less energy consuming, improve alignment and maximize potential for walking.

Available in 6 sizes, fitting toddlers through adults. All walker models fold, for easier storage and transportation.

Clinical Studies have demonstrated that posture control walkers facilitate postural alignment, balance and components of gait.

The following accessories can also be ordered for these walkers:

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